Web Services
To accomodate my clients I offer serveral web design options. Below you will find plans for HTML Websites, Wordpress, Website Redesigns & Email Marketing. Don't hesitate to contact me if you don't see an option that specifically fits your needs. I am always open to working with clients on an option that works best for their business.
All website design options come with a 1 hour tutorial session to get you familiar with your site. I make sure my clients have complete access to their files and have the necessary information they need to access their site whenever they wish. If you don't already have a domain name or web host, my services also include assisting clients with that process. For an additional fee I offer hosting of your site, so you won't have to worry about account or domain expirations.

HTML Website Package
The HTML Website Package is a solution for clients who are not interested in having a blog feature on their website and whose information rarely changes. Wordpress and other CMS solutions are a very popular right now, but an HTML site is still a great option. If you aren't committed to updating your blog more than a couple times a month, an HTML site might be the option for you.

  • The HTML Website Package includes:
  • - Wireframe: Basic outline of navigation and site structure
  • - Two design mockups
  • - Custom built site with customized functionality
  • - Tutorial session to help with minor edits
Wordpress Deluxe Package
The Wordpress Deluxe Package includes a fully customized design.

  • The Wordpress Deluxe Package includes:
  • - Wireframe: Basic outline of navigation and site structure
  • - Two design mockups
  • - Custom built theme
  • - Plugins installed & customized to suit your needs
  • - Tutorial session to help with minor edits

Wordpress Basic Package
The Wordpress Basic Package utilizes a preexisting theme that is altered to reflect your brand.

  • The Wordpress Basic Package includes:
  • - Customized header & color scheme
  • - Plugins installed - no customization
  • - Maximum of 8 pages (ex. About Page, Contact Page...)
  • - Tutorial session to help with future updating
Website Redesign
The Website Redesign is a solution for clients who are not satisfied with the current performance or look of their existing website. Whether you are looking for a drastic change or a minor refresh, I can work with you to create a plan of attack. Sometimes a change of fonts and a new color scheme can go a long way. I have also had clients approach me for site "deFlash". Apple devices like iPhones & iPads do not support Flash, so websites that are built with Flash elements do not work on these devices. Luckily, new developlments in codes like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery have made it easier to build cross-platform sites that still have the motion capabilities of Flash.
Email Marketing
Send emails that reflect your brand and stand out from the spam! Emails can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers and let them know of special offers and events. I love to design colorful, fun emails that engage customers.

Custom Email Template
A unique email template for your business. You will be able to use the Custom Email Template in your email marketing client of choice, and have the ability to input your own announcements and information.

Monthly Email Design
Stay in contact with your clients and customers. The Monthly Email Design plan is for businesses looking to send recurring emails. Emails can be themed for seasons, holidays or for whatever promotions you are announcing.
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