Video Services
I have always been split between design and video production, which is why I have twice enrolled in multi-disciplinary degree programs. During my undergraduate studies, I focused on video production and interned at a documentary production company. In my graduate studies work I have refined my skills in production and editing by taking courses such as Film Form, Cinematic Place, and Motion Graphics. I have worked mostly with musicians, dancers & artists in the New Haven area to broaden their audience beyond Connecticut and increase their online presence. I would love to work with businesses to do interviews & event videography to highlight their services and offerings. Contact me if you wish to learn more about the video services I offer.

Video Production
Interested in showing off your business, skill, event or performance? Video is a great way to draw attention to your work and reach a wide audience. I usually shoot on my own HD equipment and record audio with a high quality audio recorder. I love to conduct interviews and give audiences and clients a personal experience. I want viewers to feel like they are more than a spectator, that they are involved and immersed with the people and actions on screen. If you are interested in taking your video to another level, my partner Scott Petersen will assist in audio mixing, sound design and music composition.
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics are a great option for clients who need to present their product, service or idea to an audience but don't have a lot to show. Perhaps you have a start-up and you are trying to convince investors to get involved with your idea. Or perhaps your services are hard to show, such as in the case of a therapist, accountant or online retailer. Motion Graphics can bridge the gap between concept and reality. They can bring your logo or branding to life in the form of an in-store display, television advertisement or an online promotion. Video and motion graphics can work well together and are often used simultaneously in projects.
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